"Insourcing" Sterile I.V. Compounding Services

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A web-based tool to help guide you through the necessary assessment and implementation decisions you might encounter when evaluating the merit of insourcing the production of compounded sterile products.

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According to the experts, evaluating the merit of insourcing the production of sterile i.v. compounds requires a comprehensive assessment. There are many ways to arrive at the decision to insource or not to insource and just as many ways to implement a new program if you decide to move forward with insourcing. This toolkit is divided into two main sections: The Evaluation Process and Implementation. Within these two sections you will find categories to help organize the decision making process and tools to assist with implementation.

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This ASHP Resource Center provides tools that can be used to assist in the decision-making process and the implementation phase of insourcing sterile i.v. compounds. Start today by downloading the How-to Guide to facilitate evaluating, developing, and implementing best practices for insourcing.

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