"Insourcing" Sterile I.V. Compounding Services

INSOURCING Sterile Compounding Services
Readiness Assessment Tool

Principles for Use

This tool is interactive and may be completed more than once, depending on which medications you think that your organization may benefit from ending your outsourcing contracts and help you define what you may or may not be able to accomplish.

You will be able to save your data and return at a later time to complete the tool. This tool might take several hours to complete because of the complexity of the decision and the many elements to consider.

Having information about current and desired future compounding operations at your organization will expedite the completion of the tool. Information you may consider having readily available as you complete the tool:

  • Current sterile compounding metrics-volume of preparations made and cost
  • Types of preparations being considered for insourcing and anticipated volumes
  • Current staffing levels for and idle time of the cleanroom
  • If desired, additional space requirements for insourcing

The first part of the tool is designed to help determine if your facility and staff are adequate to prepare medications the hospital/health-system is considering bringing back in-house. The second part of the tool addresses the costs and financial implications of decisions you have made. This tool may serve as a basis for you to request the needed capital resources and operational expenses to meet your needs.

The tool walks you through the sections listed in the navigation on the right of the page. This navigation allows users to revisit previously completed sections.


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